City of Dallas Codes

Here are the top 10 code violations in the City of Dallas: 

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If you violate these codes, you could be subject to citations by the City. The City does cruise the neighborhood from time to time and will issue citations for any violations (ESPECIALLY FOR BUILK TRASH and WRONG WAY STREET PARKING!) instead of warnings so be alert - the fines can be expensive! 



Bulk Trash Collection:

  • Bulk trash is collected the second FULL week of each month and is not to be placed at the curb prior to the THURSDAY of scheduled collection week. Please store it elsewhere until the proper time. Contact 311 to schedule collection of large amounts of tree trimmings in between regular Bulk Trash pickups and to obtain their fees. Click to see Bulk Trash calendar.



  • Texas law requires that the right-hand side of the wheels be within 18 inches of the curb. This means your headlights should be facing in the same direction as when you are driving so your rear tail reflectors can do their job and alert other cars when driving at night. The City of Dallas can (and totally will) fine you for parking the wrong way on the street!  



  • Accumulation of trash or waste building materials is not allowed ANYWHERE on the property (this attracts rats).



Dog Restrictions:

  • The City of Dallas regulations state if you walk your dog, you MUST carry clean-up materials. If your dog defecates on someone else’s property, you are to clean it up immediately.



Fences, Trees, and Shrubs:

  • Fences are to be in good repair, able to stand alone and may not infringe on public access.
  • Trees and shrubs may not infringe on public access.
  • Dead trees are not to pose a possible harm to the public.
  • Weeds or grass cannot be higher than 12 inches on your private property.


  Vehicle / Boat

  • A vehicle may not be parked on the street with expired license and/or inspection sticker, or in a wrecked or non-operating condition (such as flat tires) for more than 45 days. Boats cannot be stored in the front yard of residences.



Dallas Dog Leash Ordinance: Chapter 7, Section 29

  • A person who harbors a dog must restrain the dog in a fenced yard or in an enclosed structure, or by a leash.